This story made the news a few months ago but I didn’t get around to posting it until now: a family with a child with Down syndrome was refused permanent residency in Canada because it is believed that the costs associated with caring for the child will be too great for the country to bear.

Of course, Canada can’t afford to pay to take in every person in the world with medical or other needs, but what is going on here? The child in question, Nico Montoya, is part of a family that can physically look after him for most of his life and can financially care for him as well. Nico also qualifies for a the Disability Tax Credit and a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) that would both help his family save for his future care.

While the situation for the Montoya family still remains unresolved, the case got me thinking.

  1. My health care costs a lot more than care of a person with Down syndrome and no other health issues.
  2. Canada would not let me live here if I weren’t already a citizen.
  3. This sucks.

Also, I can’t believe I haven’t written on the Disability Tax Credit here yet! Brace yourselves. . .

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