Toilet talk

I’m interested in linguistics and communication in general, so it makes sense that I spend a certain amount of time thinking about the kinds of things that Crohn’s makes it imperative to discuss. At the same time, I didn’t grow up talking about bodily functions very much and I still don’t like to talk about exactly what is going on — I think it’s often just too much information (TMI). I try to avoid discussing particulars with anyone but my medical team. If anyone presses for details, I’ll generally say that I’m not feeling good. This can encompass everything from nausea to pain to tiredness caused by an inability to sleep through an epic battle of 3 states of matter in my guts the night before.

Sometimes I go on the Crohn’s Forum¬†and see a lot of pretty graphic discussion of bodily functions. That’s fine — it’s a place especially for talking about that kind of stuff. But I have to say I think it’s interesting that often refer to “D” (=diarrhea), given that this letter seems to have a very different meaning for everyone in Generation Y and younger.

What can I say. Crohn’s sucks. Sometimes any little funny thing can be worth mentioning just to lighten the mood.

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