Sometimes I’m OK!

I went on a holiday a few weeks ago. It was the first actual holiday I’d gone on in years. I’m lucky to have a boss who understands┬áthat a) my horrible attendance isn’t something I have control over, b) everyone needs a holiday to recharge every once in a while, and c) sick days are not holidays.

I was not sick for 3 whole weeks in a row! That’s almost 3 weeks in another time zone, right after Remicade and steroids, and it even included several days of hiking! This was the first time that I wore a surgical mask on the airplane both ways and it may have helped in preventing me from catching something. I will definitely be wearing masks again the next time I travel by plane.

Of course, now that I’m back, I’ve got the double whammy of recovering from the active holiday and Remicade wearing off, so I’ve spent about half the days since I got back too fatigued to do anything meaningful, but, damn. I had a holiday and I got to do things I liked (with someone I love) and it was FUN!

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