Sick leave: just do it, America!

OK, I live in Canada, but I like the trend toward mandating employers to provide decent sick leave, even for contract workers, that’s gathering momentum in the USA. Several large companies, including Microsoft, are in favour of it.

People are starting to recognize that, by not providing sick leave or by making sick leave complicated for employees to use, employers are encouraging employees to bring their germs to work. Employees who work while sick not only spread infection, but also bring down productivity overall because nobody enjoys working while sick or with sick colleagues.

Sure, a few people will always want to abuse the system, but it seems that the loss of productivity caused by a few people’s “mental health days” is minor compared with the improved production gained when people can take the time they need to get over illnesses.

I hope that mandated sick leave even for low-paid and precariously employed workers becomes law in the USA and that employers in other countries, like mine, take these lessons seriously, too.

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