Postdoc land: the middle of somewhere

I meant to post this in June, but so much was happening, and then I got sick, so here it is, more than 3 months late:


I got a job! Well, I didn’t exactly get a normal job — it’s a postdoctoral fellowship. It’s part-time, which suits me well — I can continue to run my own business on the side. And it felt good to get off EI.

I am thrilled to be back in the world of research. All that networking paid off! I had wanted to pursue a postdoc after my Ph D, but with no positions available in the field I trained in in Canada, a postdoc meant that I would have to find a new health care team and arranging for coverage of Remicade in a new country, only to move countries again in a year or two. Plus, even healthy people have difficulty breaking even on a postdoc’s salary once expenses are factored in. (I turned down a postdoc I’d won in the UK for this reason alone). Canadian postdocs, unlike students, faculty and university staff, often don’t┬áhave benefits — not even university gym privileges! — and/because they are not quite unionized.


(The first union meeting was held in the first week of October, and you can be sure that I am looking into how having a disability while working as a postdoc will pan out).

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