Medical records: the lost years

There is an outbreak of mumps in my city, so I figured it’s time to check when I last got vaccinated against this disease. I called my doctor’s office to find out what they had in my records about all the vaccines I had in the past 20+ years.

The nurse called me back today to say that they don’t have any records for me before 2010. I had changed doctors in 2010 when my old GP retired and personally photocopied and hand-delivered my records from that office to the new office, so they should have had them.

It’s hard to express how frustrated, disappointed and outright angry I am that those records are missing. The missing years cover my diagnosis with Crohn’s as well as the 4 years before that when I had undergone every test for arthritis, Lupus, tropical diseases, and countless scans of various kinds, dislocated my hips 3 times, etc. They are missing the years when I received probably about 10 different kinds of¬†vaccines before being put on Remicade.

I called my former doctor’s office, which, luckily, still exists — it’s run by different doctors now. The receptionist was sympathetic. She¬†found out that my former doctor is on holiday; when she comes back in about a month, they’ll see about getting my old records out of the storage facility where they’re being kept.

This time, I’ll keep a set of photocopies (or scans) for myself.

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