Exceptional Access Program 4-month backlog

There was a bit of confusion at the pharmacy when I went in for Remicade yesterday. I was billed a dispensing fee for the very first time; usually the EAC covers the entire fee and Janssen covers my deductible, so I knew that something was not right in the system. I called my Remicade coordinator to find out if there were any nasty surprises on the way. She told me that the EAC has a 4-month backlog and that Janssen is supplying Remicade at no cost to patients who are caught in the backlog so that we can get our treatment on time. (Thank you, Janssen!)

I continue to be amazed at the EAC. They are chronically understaffed. I wonder whether the people who work there are quitting out of frustration, making the understaffing worse. Seriously, I wish they’d just get their act together, hire the people they need to hire — there’s no shortage of qualified and underemployed people in Ontario — and stop putting people’s health at risk. (Not all the drug companies are necessarily as generous as Janssen at dispensing medications without hope of reimbursement).

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