Crohn’s and psoriasis versus virus: nasal edition

Long time no see again. Here I am, off sick again. Last week I worked a total of about 7 hours. This week I’ve done about 1 hour’s work. I am annoyed.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve caught a few viruses. Last week I had a head cold bad enough that I normally would have delayed my Remicade by a few days or a week. At the same time, though, I have a huge, bloody, nasty patch of psoriasis-turned-ulcer inside my nose that is bothering me quite a bit. I also have psoriasis inside my ear canals, all over the outside of my ears, and on my eyelids, etc. I was uncertain about whether I should postpone the Remicade because I knew that if I did, I would have this cold for longer. I took a chance on it anyway and went in last week.

The nose ulcer and other psoriasis patches are still there, but they seem to be improving a bit. Same with the cold. But I’ve had so little energy the past few days that I think that maybe I should have delayed the Remicade. It’s always a tough call. The longer I have a runny nose and sneeze, the worse the conditions are inside my nose for the ulcer to heal. Then again, I was quite fatigued last week, and it was impossible to say whether the exhaustion came more from running low on Remicade or from the virus.

Everything is still ambiguous, other than the fact that I hate this stuff.

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