10 years of Remicade!

My next dose of Remicade will be the first one in my second decade of Remicade. Whoa. That’s a crazy thing to contemplate.

When I was in manic steroid mode last weekend, I thought about going through my records and figuring out exactly how many doses of Remicade I’ve had in the past 10 years and how much it cost. The records are a bit patchy, though, because of a problem in migrating my email in 2007 that erased the dates from all the saved messages prior to the date they got transferred to my new computer. In the past 10 years, I also switched from a dose of 5 mg/kg to 7 mg/kg and from treatments every 8 weeks to every 7 weeks around 2010 (with some variation due to EAP stupidity).

Some back-of-the-envelope calculations gave me a total number of 70 treatments at a total cost of about $268,000. (This is really an estimate because my first year and a half of treatment were not in Canada).

I should also mention that the total cost of treatment every single year I have been on Remicade has been higher than my gross income.

So, thank you, tax payers of Ontario, for keeping me alive for the past 10 years! I try to do my part, but without you, I would not be able to afford the medicine that keeps me alive!

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