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Immune to measles!?

I got some good news last week from my GP’s office — apparently I still have significant immunity to measles. Wow. I’m still immune-suppressed, but at least I have some fight still left in me! I’m inordinately happy about this … Continue reading

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No measles vaccine for me

So there has been an outbreak of measles in my region. I take public transportation regularly and I’m not a hermit, so there is a real chance that I could be exposed to the measles virus if an infectious person … Continue reading

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Intermittent disabilities fall through the cracks again

Oh boy, am I peeved. A Statscan report on employment among people with disabilities in Canada came out today in honour of the United Nation’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The report was picked up by major media under … Continue reading

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Kids and colds

Ugh. It’s been a week and I’m still too sick with bronchitis/sinusitis to work. I know exactly where I got it from, too. Two weeks ago a friend of mine wanted to socialize. That would have been great, but her … Continue reading

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Sleeping at work is good for everybody!

Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve updated everything — sorry. I’ve been very busy alternating being away (conferences, holidays), being sick, and doing a lot of work. Now that I’ve submitted some papers, things are calmer. One of my … Continue reading

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On the UP and up

Last week, while sick with another lovely virus, I ordered a Jawbone UP wristband. I have noticed 2 interesting trends so far: 1. When I can’t breathe because of a super-runny nose and/or gut problems, the wristband is great at … Continue reading

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Flu shot timing

Flu shot season is already here. In a few days, once I get the logistics worked out, I’m going to be bugging everyone I work with to get their FREE flu shots ASAP so that herd immunity can help protect … Continue reading

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I’m in business. . . part of the time

A lot has happened since I last posted. On the bad side, I’ve had a whole whack of viruses and also an allergic reactions to a new medication. On the good side, I’ve started my own business freelancing at the … Continue reading

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I’m baaack

Long time no post. I was pretty wiped out before my last dose of Remicade (serious fatigue), and then I caught bronchitis. Now I’m back on steroids for that — but they’re inhaled steroids, so, at least in theory, they … Continue reading

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